Terms Of Sale

All sales activities are carried out on a voluntary basis,therefore, both parties are obliged to abide by the following trading terms in the sales process:

(1)Guarantee: Our company guarantees that the quality of the selling items meets the standards agreed by both of parties. If the products that do not meet the requirements, our company will be responsible for replacing the products (the forms     of replacement include but are not limited to return, exchange, replenishment, discount compensation, etc.)

(2)Security: our company guarantees the security of transaction information and respects the privacy of customers. under no circumstances will your personal information be disclosed to any third party (except by judicial authorities)

(3)Disclaimer: The loss caused by the delay or inability to delivery the order due to the following circumstances has nothing to do with our company.
   The wrong or unknown receiving information provided by the customer prevents the courier from delivering it;
   Expenses arising from repeated deliveries due to the delivery of the goods but no one sign-off it.
   Other force majeure factors, such as natural disasters, etc.

(4)Abide by laws and regulations: Both parties shall be abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and could not use products illegally.
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